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We can currently manufacture around 50,000 phones per day. This level of production means that the amount of logistics involved in handling the incoming materials and outgoing finished goods is huge. Each day, thousands of parts are handled in and out of our factories. Such complex logistics are achieved with the support of a very powerful system - SAP. This system provides a platform for e-procurement (ie, paperless purchase), consignment stock and shop-floor management.

SAP modules that we currently use include:


  • Controlling
  • Financial
  • Material Management
  • Production Planning
  • Sales and Distribution
E-procurement Platform

Moving Forward

We have developed a strategic road map to guide it to long-term success, and the deployment of mySAP Business Suite solutions is the first step in realising this vision. Building on a highly flexible and scalable platform, we are planning for the next phase of IT implementation to bloom its operational efficiency.

It is believed that with sophisticated business intelligence tools, we are able to synchronise its supply chain activities with its partners, optimise capacity utilisation, and ultimately realize its goal to become a worldwide dominate telecom products suppliers.

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