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The focus on technology development is always the key that maintain our leading position in the telecom and baby product industry. In advance, we develop with care what our customer will believe and we build with quality what the market will demand. New technology develops rapidly nowadays and thus our core R&D in Hong Kong regularly reviews the new trends and anticipates the demands for new technologies for upcoming products. We keep the momentum in spinning up creative concepts and generating added-values, and thus we can always maintain a rich and advanced technology roadmap.

We have been investing from time to time in research and development. We have two R&D centres, one in Hong Kong and the other in China. The Hong Kong R&D centre mainly manages new technologies and core product development, as well as all software design & programming. In our Hui Yang manufacturing plant, our China R&D centre carries out all detail engineering tasks including project management, mechanical design, tooling design, hardware design, RF design and design quality management. What makes our shoulders above others is our long-term practice in keeping solid ground to DFM (design for manufacture) and DFQ (design for quality) basing on a strong bonding to our production team.

We are highly committed to continuous technology breakthrough and value-added product development. Our strong and innovative R&D team with rich R&D knowledge can certainly create extraordinary values to customers and lead the rapid-changing market.

Radio Frequency (RF) Technology
Basing on digital radio design for long-range synchronous audio transmission, we have broadened our radio modular designs ......

IoT Technology
We have designed a number of ULE, Bluetooth and WIFI modules for smartphone and tablet interaction in the ever-expanding IoT networks......

Embedded System Technology
Digital Signal Processing, Real-time Mobile Technology and Sensor Computing Technology ......

Software Technology
Mobile apps development on native iOS / Android platforms and PC Software Development ......

MFi Product Design
Under official MFi Manufacturing License, we are actively designing our own iOS supported gadgets and products......

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