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Real-time Mobile Technology
  • One of the software framework that can be used for mobile apps development is React Native. React Native is widely used as a framework for building native iOS and Android applications development with React (JavaScript library for building user interfaces) and JavaScript.
  • React Native enables us to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React.
  • While it covers most plug-in including push notifications, location service and GUI, we keep developing own plug-in such proprietary software codec, Bluetooth and BLE related services for our own product design.
  • Our mobile apps support Android v4.3 and iOS v8 onwards inclusively.

PC Software Development
  • We are capable of delivering PC Software developed using C# programming language utilizing .NET framework.
  • PC software can be used for real-time monitoring of sensor system within an IoT network. Raw data is pushed from IoT nodes and our software carries out computation according to programmed algorithm and creates real-time visual presentation as graphs and bar charts.

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